Referral Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Referral Program

Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics:

The Basics:

$50-$60 per sign-up (20%)

60-day cookie life

Free to sign up

Paid via PayPal

No earnings cap

$50-$60 per sign-up (20%)

60 day cookie life

Free to sign up

Paid via PayPal

No earnings cap

About Our Service

We offer an online program designed to help individuals struggling with major depression. This is a self-guided program, but users are backed by our support specialists.

This program is built around principles used in existing, proven types of therapy. The program guides users through the process of identifying and understanding what is feeding their depression. Then we focus on helping them take action that will lead to progress with their mental health.

Of course, when you are depressed, you must continually overcome many barriers to make progress with your mental health. Among the most common of these barriers are low energy, hopelessness, and feeling overwhelmed. We designed this program around these barriers, so even if users have very little energy or feel hopeless, they can make progress with this program and with their mental health. We focus on the underlying causes of depression. This approach decreases the odds of relapse, which is crucial because depression is a highly recurrent disorder.

This program is for individuals struggling with major depression.

Our service is specifically designed to help individuals struggling with major depression. However, it can also help with generalized anxiety and seasonal affective disorder. 

Yes. Most users report improvements in their mental health, and many have shown remarkable improvement. But, like all treatment options, it isn’t perfect. 

As with all forms of treatment, each has its advantages and disadvantages. When compared to therapy, our service is more affordable and convenient. However, some things, such as trauma, should only be handled by professionals.

Our program can be used independently or alongside therapy.

For more questions about our service, click here.

Referral Program Questions

You can register for our Referral Program hereOnce you sign up, you’ll be able to access personalized links/coupons that you can share with others. When others use your referral links/coupons, you will be credited. And when they pay, you’ll get 20%.

Anyone can join the Referral Program. You can register for our Referral Program even if you don’t use our service.

If you want to help us help others, we’re happy to give you 20%!

If you think someone could benefit from our services and you’d like to make some money, you should join!

There are many ways you can refer others.

  • When you sign up, you will be able to access personal URLs. If someone clicks on this link and registers, you will be credited.
  • You can set up direct link tracking. Direct link tracking allows you to link to this site from your website without a referral link. You can submit your domain for approval within the Referral Dashboard under the Direct Links Tab.
  • You can use coupons to refer others. Potential customers can use this coupon during the registration process, and you will be credited. To get a custom coupon, email us at

When it comes to promoting our service, you could use social media, word of mouth, your website, email, text, etc. 

Yes, it’s free. Registration is quick and easy. 

You can sign in here.

Using the website menu, click “Referral Program.”

You can refer anyone. However, at this time, we don’t allow you to receive a self-referral.

Cookies are a small piece of data stored on the user’s computer. These cookies are what credit you for referring someone. Our cookies last for 60 days. So if someone clicks your link and makes a purchase anytime within 60 days, you’ll get credit. 

You can find your personal referral links inside the referral dashboard.

You can customize your referral link in the Referral Dashboard under the Settings Tab.

As long as you don’t misrepresent our brand or service, you may use content from our social media accounts and from public articles on our website when referring others. You must make it clear that you are not Depression Solutions. 

You can track link views, the status of your referrals, and other statistics within the Referral Dashboard under the Statistics Tab.

Yes. When you register, you get an auto-generated coupon. If you’d like a custom coupon code, send us an email at contact In the email, state your desired coupon code (and a backup just in case your first choice is taken) and your account email.

No. If you don’t have a website, skip that question when registering.

No. You currently will not be credited for a self-referral.

We use PayPal for all payouts. You just need a free PayPal account to receive payments. We don’t need any financial information from you, and you get paid quickly and securely. 

When we get paid, you get paid. We send out payments on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, following customer payment.

Yes. Submit your domain for approval in the Referral Dashboard under the Direct Links Tab

Yes. When you register for the Depression Program, you will automatically be registered into the Referral Program.

You must be logged out of the Referral Dashboard when you register for the Depression Program if you want both accounts registered to the same email. If you run into a problem, simply use a different email. 

By referring others, you can earn credit that you can use to purchase our program for yourself. When you buy using this credit, you can get access to the program for 50% off. If you would like to do this, send us an email, and we’ll set you up. 

Yes, that is allowed. No spamming, and don’t be misleading.

There are no limits to how much you can make. More than just financially, you will be helping others get to resources that can significantly improve their mental health! 

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